Equestrian law

As a professional in the equestrian industry, you know better than anyone else that the equestrian world has its own customs and jargon. So if you come into contact with legal issues in this field, you would like to have a lawyer who understands this. The stakes are often high financially. Legal assistance from an experienced lawyer with the required specialist knowledge is then certainly not an unnecessary luxury.

Langelaar Klinkhamer Advocaten has such a lawyer in Wibe Reddingius.

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Equestrian expert

Wibe Reddingius follows equestrian sports closely and knows what is involved in the purchase or sale of a horse, shared ownership, sponsorship etcera. He combines his knowledge of the equestrian world with his specific legal expertise and years of experience as a lawyer. This allows him to advise you adequately and – where necessary – litigate on your behalf.

Well organised

Do you want to be firmly in the saddle in legal matters too? At Langelaar Klinkhamer Lawyers, you can deal with all your equestrian legal issues, including:

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