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Langelaar Klinkhamer Advocaten’s civil service practice operates under the brand name Ko & Co Lawyers. Ko & Co Lawyers are our experts in civil servants law. Thus, you will always be assisted by a lawyer who is 100% at home in civil servants law and you will be provided with appropriate legal assistance.

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At Ko & Co Lawyers, we always tailor our services to your needs. We see listening carefully to you and asking the right questions as the basis of finding the right solution to the problems in your specific situation. In recent years, Ko & Co Lawyers has assisted many government agencies and civil servants. You therefore choose to hire a civil servants’ lawyer who, in addition to his knowledge, has years of experience and has a good feel for what you need in a particular situation.

Wet normalisering rechtspositie

A civil servant is an employee in the public service. A civil servant is not employed on the basis of an employment contract, but on the basis of a unilateral appointment. A civil servant is not subject to labour law, but to civil servant law. From 1 January 2020, the Legal Status (Normalisation) Act came into force With this, the differences between the legal status of a large group of civil servants were equalised with that of employees with an employment contract. However, there remains a group of civil servants for whom the original legal status has not changed (judges, police, firefighters). For them, procedures in civil service cases are conducted on the basis of administrative procedural law. Those proceedings are not governed by the Civil Code, but by the General Administrative Law Act. The basis for the legal status of all civil servants is the Civil Servants Act.

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