Ever Given

Ever Given

After the Ever Given has been successfully refloated in the Suez Canal by Boskalis, the ship will eventually continue its journey to Rotterdam where the 20,000 containers will have to be unloaded.

We already seized the Ever Given in February 2019 due to major collision damage caused by the Ever Given to the Finkenwerder ferry on the Elbe in Hamburg. After leaving the port of Hamburg, the Ever Given veered off course and hit the Finkenwerder ferry near Blankenese in such a way that virtually nothing was left. Fortunately, there were no passengers on board at the time and the crew of the Finkenwerder managed to get to safety in time.

It is therefore almost inevitable that a ship of this size (400 meters long and 60 meters wide) entails an increased risk to shipping. Not only does maneuvering such a colossus appear to entail major risks, but the damage also appears to be immense if something goes wrong.

The question is therefore whether ships of this size can maneuver safely enough.

Erik Klinkhamer

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